How to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

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Almost all of us have an opinion when it comes to the condition of the environment.

We feel sad, worried, and fear what may happen due to the damage that people have caused to the environment. But, is simply getting worried enough?

Do we not need to do something to bring about a change?

It is only if each one of us understands the seriousness of the situation, and plays our own roles, that a change will happen.

To begin with, we have to bring about little changes in our home. We have to create an environmentally friendly home. And how do we do so, you may ask?

Well, continue reading and discover some easy ideas.

Limit Your Usage Of Paper Towels

The next time you notice a stain on your kitchen counter, do not use a paper kitchen towel to clean it. Instead, use cloth napkins to get rid of the stains.

The more you control your usage of paper, the more will be the number of forests that can be prevented from getting destroyed. Yes, you will later have to wash the cloth napkins and it will take a bit of your time. But, this is one of the easiest ways to protect the environment.

Opt For Low-Energy Appliances

You perhaps do not even know that your electrical appliances contribute to about 30% of your energy bills. It is possible for you to save on your bills and also make your home environmentally friendly by opting for energy-efficient appliances whenever you need to upgrade next.

Do not forget to learn about the energy star rating of the appliance you are about to buy. The more stars, the higher will be the energy you save.

Energy Efficient Lighting Is Your Best Bet

As far as lighting for your home is concerned, it will be best to use CFL and LED bulbs as much as you can. This can prove to be a slightly expensive investment initially, but you will only be saving later.

The traditional light bulbs anyway give off 90% energy as heat and wear off pretty fast. These bulbs even heat homes quite quickly and thus CFL and LED bulbs make a far better choice. It is also one of the ways to create an environmentally friendly home.

Avoid Using Plastic In Your Kitchen

Plastic bowls, plates, and containers come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors and they are cheap and look super attractive.

This is why we get lured into using them in our kitchen. But, if you want your home to be environmentally friendly you have to stop using plastic.

Plastic anyway is not even good for your health so instead start using steel, glass, and ceramic, to cook and store your food. Also, you can use vessels made of cast iron and aluminum. Not only are they a healthier option, but they will also last you for a long time.

Do Not Waste Water

Most people have the habit of letting their taps run when they are brushing or shaving, and even when washing their dishes. You do not even have an idea of how much water you waste in the process and the stress that it causes to your environment.

If you really want to create an environmentally friendly home, then you have to reduce water wastage. Let your tap run only when you will be using it. Also, look for leaks everywhere in your home and get them repaired right away, as moist environments can get you in a ton of pest trouble, note cockroach exterminator professionals.

Using rainwater to water plants is best practice for any type of plant species especially succulents so if you were to use a container to collect rain not only are you helping out your plants but also the environment.

Reuse Old Stuff Rather Than Buying New

You need a container to store your spices and cookies so you simply head to your nearest store and buy a few glass jars. But before doing so, check if you have old glass jars at home. You may have a used coffee jar, or perhaps a jar in which someone gifted you chocolates. Use them, instead of buying new stuff.

Also, before you go and buy any new furniture check if you can make some at home. There are many simple tutorials available online, and if you have the tools, you can get started. For instance, if you have an old wooden door you can use it to make a coffee table. This way, you will not be wasting things, lending a helping hand towards preserving the environment and also saving money.

To Conclude

It is not as difficult to make your home environmentally friendly as it may seem. Just bringing about little changes here and there can do wonders. Though these changes may seem little, you are playing your role and that is what is important. And, if everybody starts thinking like you, the world will become a much healthier and safer place to live in.



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