6 inspiring ways to furnish an attic bedroom

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It’s no doubt that decorating an attic bedroom can be challenging.

However, furnishing a dark and congested attic into a beautiful bedroom is not as hard as we imagine. Most of the time, the attic is the storage space where we throw everything we do not need.

Before decorating, it is imperative to ensure that there is enough space, functionality, and most importantly, natural light. There is no need to waste the attic space by using it for storage when you can transform it into useful space with some simple tricks.

Begin with the Basics

It is crucial to begin with the basics before reaching the final stages of furnishing, such as equipping the room with furniture.

Start by painting the walls to boost the appearance of the room. Choose a colour that goes well with you, but bright colours tend to work better than darker shades, especially for attic bedrooms. An excellent way to achieve this is by sticking to one colour that leaves the room looking fresh and bright. For a more colourful look, try yellow, green, light blue or peach

Wallpapers and Maps

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Besides paint, using wallpapers is also a good idea. The idea of sleeping in a room that has bare walls may be frightening. Cover the walls of the room with a beautiful wallpaper that blends well with the color theme of the room. There are many types of wallpapers, and you can choose from plain to floral designs, depending on your taste.

However, if the room has a brick or wooden beams, you can leave them open to bring in the natural feel. Still, if you don’t like the look of bricks and beams, you can cover with wallpapers. If you do not like wallpapers, you can cover stripped walls using a map of the world with vibrant colours from this page.


Natural light is vital when designing any room. The attic bedroom shouldn’t be dark, and this can make one feel depressed and as if they are living in the storage room. Adding skylight or windows is one way to enhance the light in the room.

For example, you can put a glass window between the attic bedroom and a place that has more light to let some natural light inside. 


To furnish the room, you must ensure functionality by incorporating furniture. It is useful to add a closet and cupboard to store necessities. With furniture, you can arrange things in one place instead of clustering them all over the bedroom.

You can also place one cosy chair in the room with a small table if there is enough space. A window seat is perfect for meditating, working, and reading. Get a dressing table that fits well in the room. Ensure that the bed blends well with the walls and the furniture and that the room does not look congested.


Look for a dressing mirror to compliment your room, as it will also help in reflecting light. Besides, one can have a banquet of flowers on the study table, which you should change every two days to bring freshness and colour into the room.


When choosing a duvet or duvet cover for the bed, ensure that the colour blends with the wall colour.

For example, if the wall colour is white, you can choose a duvet of any colour. However, brighter colours will make the look appear bigger and lively. Ensure that you arrange items well in the cupboard and wardrobe so that the bedroom remains organized always.

Lighting your attic bedroom

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Installing hanging lights will bring ambience to the room. It is imperative to go for chandeliers or other types of hanging bulbs and place them in the middle of the room so that they can spread light throughout the bedroom. Since the attic bedroom is relatively small and has weird wall angles, go for low-watt bulbs to protect your eyes, especially when studying or reading. If you want to save on energy, improve lighting performance, and reduce costs, go for led wall lights that come in various shapes and designs.

Throw Pillows

One can go the extra mile to decorate the furniture. Adding throw pillows in the cosy chair will make you feel extra comfortable and brighten the room. You can put two throw pillows at the comfortable seat and four throw pillows of different or same bright colours on one corner of your bed.

Wall Painting and Clock

Moreover, art wall paintings and a clock will throw an extra spark in the room. Purchase a watch that blends well with the wall colour. When choosing the art colour, go for considerable sizes that will blend well with space. If you don’t want art, you can hang photographs to document best moments such as a portrait of you in a graduation gown or a family photo. Wall hangings matter a lot in interior design because they bring a sense of texture and act as a focal point. 

Keep Your Eyes Open For Pests

A well furnished attic is a dream come true not only for us humans. “Many representatives of the pest world would love to move in with you,” note pest control experts at Fantastic Services. “That’s why we recommend thorough treatment before you start the furnishing process, so you won’t have to go back and repeat. A heat treatment could render much of your interior useless and up for another renovation,” experts add.


Attic bedroom can give you a headache when you want to furnish and decorate if you don’t know how to do it. However, with the above tips, you can transform that crampy room into a stunning bedroom. The crucial thing is, to begin with, the basics by removing everything from the attic room.

A professional can help to install windows and hang lights that will make the room much brighter. When choosing decorations such as flowers, duvets, and furniture colour, ensure that they blend well with the colour of the walls. With your desired colours, tastes and furniture, you can get that bedroom that will make you feel at home, where you can read or study from as well as enjoy your favourite snacks.



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