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Parc Monceau of Westport CT

Our Furniture and Accessories

I am your personal curator for the new and the old, the classic or the modern. It is my pleasure to discover the markets of the world on your behalf. All you have to do is come and choose what your heart desires.

We are hard at work preparing a collection of photographs and details that will give you a “peek” into some of the great furniture and lovely accessories that we have for you in our store and warehouse.

We will have these online soon, so please check back with us.

The Parc Monceau Store

I am “French at Heart.”

Parc Monceau is my playground, where my accomplished staff and I welcome clients for a timeless transformation. Our mission is to offer a relief from formality with enduring quality. We have the ultimate goal of making your lives pretty.

Visit us for a blend of Classic Country and Elegant Silhouettes, a balanced mix of the Parisian Market finds, with a modern sentimentality. And of course our signature warm “Bienvenue.”

French Antiques and more...

Spending numerous summers in our Loire House in France with my husband and two daughters enabled me to discover a new-found “Joie de Vivre.”

This strong connection to the land and immersion into the lifestyle of the French countryside enabled my soul to relax.

Today I have the good fortune to be able to share my point of view with you, our valued friends and clients, for a “Toujours Westport”...

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Westport CT

1375 Post Road East  •  Westport CT  •  203-319-0001  •  tracy@parcmonceauwestport.com