Should I Pay A House Removals Company To Move Fine Art and Other Precious Items?

Storage packaging for removals

When you’re figuring out the specifics of your house move, it’s easy to brush off the need for a removals company. This is especially true when all you’ve got are several furniture pieces and a good number of boxes containing all your belongings. However, if you are moving with fine art and other precious items […]

Is A Mirror Considered Furniture?

wall mirror

Most of us will look into a mirror of some description during the course of our day. In fact, we probably do so multiple times – more so than we actually realize. Whether in our bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or even the restrooms at the office or when out and about. They are there, mainly, […]

How to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Freindly

Almost all of us have an opinion when it comes to the condition of the environment. We feel sad, worried, and fear what may happen due to the damage that people have caused to the environment. But, is simply getting worried enough? Do we not need to do something to bring about a change? It […]

A Brief Guide on How to Furnish Your New Cyprus Property In 2020

Few things in life compare to the joy of having a home. Sure, kids, friends, and good health are great, but nothing compares to the gift of having a home. A small haven to call yours. Better still, nothing compares to the thought of having a good piece of property in a good place like […]

6 Ways on How To Master The Moroccan Berber Theme In Your Home

Home decor can be a challenging task to master. Particularly for those wanting to keep up with the latest, modern interior trends, whilst putting their own individual spin on their home. Perhaps you have seen the colourful and welcoming Moroccan Berber trend, a theme that you have been wanting to incorporate into your home? For […]

6 inspiring ways to furnish an attic bedroom

It’s no doubt that decorating an attic bedroom can be challenging. However, furnishing a dark and congested attic into a beautiful bedroom is not as hard as we imagine. Most of the time, the attic is the storage space where we throw everything we do not need. Before decorating, it is imperative to ensure that […]

What is Brutalist Architecture?

habitat-67 brutalism

History Of Brutalism Derived from the French ‘Breton Brut’, translating to: ‘raw concrete’ – Brutalist Architecture, or Brutalism, is a term used for an architectural style coined in 1949 by the Swedish architect Hans Asplund.  This mid-20th century style gained popularity because of its commodity; Brutalism generally uses huge concrete shapes and blocks to create […]

What Is Blobitecture? Top 5 Examples

Blobitecture graz

21st Century Architecture Blobitecture or Blob architecture (also known as Blobism) are terms for a post-modern architectural style brought about at the turn of the millennia. Perhaps inspired by the advances in digital graphics and 3D shapes, even nature, and natural forms, this is a form  of Bionic Architecture.  The Blobism design movement does what […]

What Is Art Nouveau? Characteristics, Definition, And Design Features

art nouveau

  What Is Art Nouveau? Let’s start at the beginning. The Art Nouveau design movement is a style of decorative art, starting at about 1890 and spanning up until around 1910.  This turn of the century art is recognised by detailed Art Nouveau characteristics – recognised by natural shapes, curves and a linear approach to […]